29 May 2014

Nutrition Beast » 17 Real Answers to Breast Implant Questions

It is evident by the heart breaking Google searches my site receives daily that there are a lot of you out there looking for answers to these questions. I feel compelled to answer these FAQ’s; I will provide you with the best answer I can from my own personal experience and to the best of my ability.

   It has been 4 years since my explant surgery, and I am currently undergoing treatment which I will share with you in an upcoming article, and I will walk you through what I am going through now.

   I also want to give you hope and let you know that you are not suffering in this alone. I also want to tell you if you can find the right doctor and get the proper treatment you will make a full recovery. I am saying that because this is the point that I am finally at, but it has taken me 4 years since my explant surgery for me to even utter those words.

If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, all I can say is the sooner you get them out the better you will be in the long run. Read more