29 April 2015

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12 April 2015


How you may look after your surgeon removes your breast implants is hard to pinpoint exactly. Every person’s surgery results are different due to various factors from the way the implants were inserted to differences in breast tissue.
Firstly your breast tissue may be displaced from the implants being in your body and you may even see a caved in area on your chest. This is caused by the implants continual pressure on the chest wall.  Everyone is different and we all heal at different rates. Remember that your tummy shrunk back after having babies and so will your breasts. You need to be kind to yourself and realise that it will take time, and by time I mean this healing process can takes months. At the time of writing this it has been over four years since my explant surgery and I love the way I look and feel. Remember that your tummy shrunk back after having babies and so will your breasts.

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06 April 2015


More and more women are having their breast implants removed, including British celebrity model and Big Brother winner Katie Price, but should you consider it?

Clinics across the UK experienced an average rise of around 97% in women seeking breast implant removal, but what has led to this increase?

Why do women want to remove their breast implants?

There are several reasons why women may feel the time is right to have their breast implants taken out.

  • The recent scandal involving the toxic material of the PIP implants has led to women wanting these particular implants removed as quickly as possible.
  • Unsurprisingly, even if the implants are not of the PIP brand, women are still worried and the media coverage has made then reluctant to keep the implants.
  • Some implants can develop hardened, capsules around the actual silicon. This tends to happen after a few years or so, and means it is time to change the implant.
  • Women may feel that the aesthetic nature of the implant they choose does not fit in with their lifestyle now, and want a more natural/cosmetic look to their breasts.
  • Women who are just about to start a family may be worried about breast feeding and as such, may have their implants removed before they become pregnant.
  • Post-menopausal women may want to have their implants removed as their actual breasts have grown naturally.