26 July 2014

Understand your thyroid tests

 In conventional medicine the TSH test is the first and often only measure of thyroid health. Unfortunately this test has a somewhat narrow range that most doctors adhere to when it comes to deciding what’s “normal” thyroid function and what calls for treatment. This limited range often makes women wait too long to take active steps to support their thyroid, and they end up needing thyroid-stimulating drugs

Measuring thyroid function

With endocrine function, it’s usually best to gauge your health by how you feel — your symptoms are your first clue that something may be off. But testing is also an important measure of how healthy your thyroid is. Here are some basic thyroid tests and what they indicate Read more 

Breast Implant Capsulectomy

Understanding breast implants will allow you to understand why breast capsulectomy must be done. When a breast implant is performed on a patient, the body will wall it off and form a capsule that surrounds the implant. This capsule can vary in thickness from patient to patient. Patients with capsules that contain muscle cells have the ability to contract and misshape the breast altogether. This contraction is called a capsule contraction. It may cause pain, break, rupture, and deform the shape of the breast altogether. The removal of this capsule is done through breast capsulectomy surgery.

Capsular Contracture is the contraction or tightening of the capsule (tissue that forms around the breast implant). All implants and implanted devices create a tissue response where a capsule forms to envelope the implant.

Capsular contracture is not a normal occurrence and happens in about 1-5% of breast augmentation patients. The physiology of capsular contracture is the formation of collagen fibres created by an immune response to the foreign body (implant) which then contract around the breast implant. This leads to deformation of the implant and discomfort/pain. Capsular contracture is classified as follows: Read more

25 July 2014

The a-cup revolution : Beauty - Cosmopolitan

Yes, you could get fake-looking implants, but you know your all-natural set is damn sexy. And now science proves it.

Yes, you could get fake-looking implants, but you know your all-natural set is damn sexy. And now science proves it.

These days, more women are embracing their small bust size instead of hiding their breasts under kilos of bra padding...or getting cosmetic breast implants. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of breast-augmentation surgeries has dropped close to

17 percent over the past few years. Plus, owners of lingerie stores specialising in A-cups say they’ve seen a boost in sales lately.

“These days, not as many women are asking for a padded bra,” says Ellen Shing, owner of Lula Lu, an online lingerie boutique catering to petite cup sizes. “They tell us they want to look like themselves.” And now, science is backing up what these ladies have known all along: small breasts rock. Read, smile, and never let the idea of getting fake ones enter your head .Read more 

24 July 2014

Information on how to get your Medical Notes

Making a Request for your medical records

You have the right to get a copy of the information that is held about you including your medical records. This is known as a subject access request or SAR.
You will find all the details you need, including a template letter, to make a request for your medical notes here Find out how to request your personal information on the ICO website  There is also some useful information on the NHS Choices website How Do I Access My Medical Records 

Send a SAR ( subject access request ) request to your GP/Hospital/Clinic and request your medical notes , here is a template letter  Printable word version of template letter
  • If your clinic hasn`t sent you your information OR tells you they don`t have it , follow the " How to raise concern about an organisation .
  • If you still have no joy then report your concern to the ICO.  Follow this linkReport your concern  ** Remember you must first take up your complaint with your clinic etc before the ICO can look into your case.

More details below 

Find out how to request your personal information
You have the right to get a copy of the information that is held about you. This is known as a subject access request.  This right of subject access means that you can make a request under the Data Protection Act to any organisation processing your personal data. The Act calls these organisations ‘data controllers’. Read more 

What can I do if the organisation does not respond?
If more than 40 calendar days have passed since you made your request, we advise you write to the organisation to remind them of your request and their obligations under the Data Protection Act. We recommend you send any correspondence by recorded delivery. Here is a template letter you may use: (Printable word version of template letter)

What can I do if I believe the organisation has not sent me all the information I am entitled to?
If you feel the organisation has withheld some of your personal information, we recommend you contact them with your concern. Make sure you state the information you think is being withheld.
Here is a template letter you may use: (Printable word version of template letter)

How should I raise my concern about how an organisation has handled my information? 
You can use the template letter to help you raise your concerns.Download the template letter

If you have a concern about accessing information -   whether it's information about you or information you've asked for from a public body - we may be able to help you do something about it. Read more 

Also some women have had problems keeping hold of their Implants after explant or R&R, here's a link that you should probably read . Ownership of Medical Implants

21 July 2014

Breast Implants > Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL)

The FDA has identified a possible association between breast implants and the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. ALCL is not cancer of the breast tissue. The FDA believes that women with breast implants may have a very low but increased risk of developing ALCL adjacent to the breast implant. A literature review identified 34 unique cases of ALCL in women with breast implants worldwide. In total, the agency is aware of approximately 60 cases of ALCL in women with breast implants that were identified through the FDA’s contact with other international regulatory agencies, scientific experts and breast implant manufacturers. This is a very small fraction of the 5-10 million women who have received breast implants worldwide.

Additional data is needed to fully understand the possible relationship between ALCL and breast implants. The FDA is asking health care providers to report all confirmed cases of ALCL in women with breast implants through FDA’s MedWatch Program.

The documents below include the FDA’s analyses of the data and steps we plan to take to better understand and characterize the possible association. Read more 

16 July 2014

Breast Implant Illness and Detoxification Process | Explant Info

Breast Implants cause toxicity in the body in several ways and symptoms can vary depending upon type of implants, etc.  Most women who suffer from breast implant illness suffer from what is known as “biotoxin illness”.  Biotoxins from mold may be in or around the breast implants and at times enter the body systemically.  Biotoxins are known neurotoxins and women with implants may be diagnosed with numerous illnesses including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and MS.  Symptoms of biotoxin illness include:Learn more 

13 July 2014

Words from Men About Boobs : FlatSo – The World Is Flat

Thousands of Words from Men about Boobs Mainly about small breasts. Real Opinions below, so far close to 200. These all have real meanings, not just “small breasts are cool” etc. etc.

If these guys can’t convince you that small breasts can be beautiful than you need to admit the issue is with you. And that is OK. But don’t blame guys that they are not interested because you have small breasts. It is all about your attitude… 

Change what you can and put a smile on your face :)
So here is goes:
I offered to write something to give a man’s opinion and a husband’s opinion about breasts.

Obviously, it is easy to see that men take notice of big breasts. Heads turn at the shopping mall, swimming pool, beach, etc… when a pair of those big mammary glands walks by.

But, I think it is important for women to realize that there are many, many important factors to being “noticeable”, to being “sexy”, to being “attractive”, to being “desirable” and most importantly to being a good soul mate / partner / wife.

NUMBER 1 – None of my friends made a decision to get married because their future wife had big breasts. No man will marry or partner because of breast size. It is absolutely not important when dating and partnering.
Read more 



FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia, a central nervous system disorder, is described as a 'central sensitisation syndrome' caused by neurobiological abnormalities which act to produce physiological pain and cognitive impairments as well as neuro-psychological symptomatology. Other symptoms include debilitating fatigue, sleep disturbance, and joint stiffness. The cause of fibromyalgia is currently unknown.

Test For Fibromyalgia Within Sight: Only A Blood Sample Required
Researchers from Ohio State have discovered and patented a new blood test for fibromyalgia that should speed diagnosis.

Breakthrough In Fibromyalgia Research: Pain Is In Your Skin, Not In Your Head
Using new microscope techniques, researchers at a biopharmaceutial company have found that fibromyalgia is caused by excess nerve endings surrounding certain blood vessels in the skin.

12 July 2014


Adverse event reporting is supposed to help the MHRA identify potential problems. Not enough reports were being made all the time PIP were being used. The MHRA say they have been and are continuing to monitor Adverse event reports from PIP women. Most women have no idea they are able to report adverse events linked with their implants. But if we dont report our bleeds, ruptures, our lymph node surgeries the MHRA and the gov will continue to live in the parallel universe they currently inhabit, happily ignoring us and our symptoms. Experienced an adverse event you associate with your PIP? Please report it and ask your GP and/or surgeon to do the same. Lets do it everyone! Report Yours here ! xx ♡

Thanks everyone ♥ together we can make a difference!

08 July 2014

Thanks for your support, it means a lot to us ♥

PIP Crime

We continue to fight for women affected by PIP implants to be monitored so that valuable evidence is not lost and vital scientific research takes place. 

We want answers. We want accountability and we want justice!

We need to raise funds to keep this work going and keep fighting until every PIP victim is safe and compensated.  Your contribution is invaluable.Donating £3 Couldn’t be simpler!  Follow this link 

Want to know how PiP Action Campaign will use the money?
So far we have used campaign funds raised to: maintain our websites and blogs to provide   help, support & information to women affected by fraudulent PIP implants.

                                             Thanks for your support, it means a lot to us ♥

Fight Fatigue & Boost Energy by Listening to Your Body - Sharecare

Don't Ignore Fibromyalgia Fatigue
Pain is likely the fibromyalgia symptom that grabs and holds your attention the most. But fibro fatigue can be just as insistent -- and to make matters worse, it can intensify your pain and make it harder to cope. The good news is that you can break or at least minimize this cycle by taking practical steps every day to fight fibromyalgia fatigue and elevate your energy. The first step: Listen to your body. When you learn to recognize the earliest stages of exhaustion, you can still do something about it before it lays you ....
Read more 

06 July 2014

Explant Info | Explant Info

Lynne Hayes is the inspiration and Founder of Explant Info.
Explant Info is for the express purpose of helping others in their journey to Explant and recover their health after removing their Breast Implants and for those who have Breast Implant Complications or wanting to be educated before choosing a surgeon. As a collective community our aim is to inspire and support other women on their journey of Explanting and beyond. At Explant Info we offer a supporting community where lifelong friendships are formed and information is shared.
There isn’t a lot of information out there on Breast Implant removal/Explant, we are about informing you of your options.
Plastic surgeons’ offices are packed with women wanting bigger breasts, but you rarely hear about what happens afterwards. This site is a place where ladies can come and hopefully find the help and information they need to be fully informed in the process of getting Breast Implants, their removal/Explant and/or the common complications that can occur with Breast Implants.
I urge you to trust your instincts and know your body, do your research and ensure you’re in the right hands before you undertake any form of Plastic Surgery.
Get the facts ladies and do your research.  The Explant Support Community found here

03 July 2014

Ownership of Medical Implants

When you receive an implant, do you own the implant or does somebody else own the implant? If the implant is removed, is the explant your property or does it belong to someone else?
Anna Neil considers the law regarding ownership of medical implants.
It is becoming more and more common for people to have a medical implant as technology advances and surgery for joint replacement (hip replacements and knee replacements being the most common) and cosmetic procedures (for example breast implants) become more common and popular. If you receive a medical implant, who owns that implant and who owns the implant in the event that it needs to be removed? It is not uncommon for implants to be removed if they fail or are no longer required.
The question is whether the implant automatically becomes yours because it is in your body. If it does, does it cease to be yours if removed from your body?   Learn more 

Breast implants | A to Z factsheets

Breast implant surgery is the most common type of cosmetic surgerycarried out on women in the UK.
In 2011, just over 10,000 women had breast implant surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Breast implants can be used for two purposes:
Reconstructive – to reconstruct the breast mound following a mastectomy (the surgical removal of the breast often used to treat breast cancer)
Cosmetic – to enhance the size and shape of the breast
Read more about why breast implants are used.

Types of breast implants
Breast implants are artificial (prosthetic) implants. In the UK, two types of breast implants are commonly used:
Silicone gel implants – available as a liquid, a gel or a solid form similar to plastic
Saline (sterile salt water) implants
Read more