Do You have Pip Implants ? / Advice on Pip Implants


We have been onto  the NHS to update the information on the NHS Choices website, which they did on  9 th May 2014 ;- ) 

We have had no help or understanding from the government so far & frankly we have little hope that things are likely to change in the immediate future:
We want you to investigate all your options for moving forward & getting PIP out of your body. If your clinic is not willing to help:

1. Please go to your GP & get a specialist NHS referral . If you have decided you only want explant, then there is no need to get a scan first, You can still get removal of pip implants from the NHS even if your implants are NOT RUPTURED ..

2. If you have medical reasons for remove & replace, such as asymmetry, lack of breast tissue, or body dysmorphia please make an application for NHS Exceptional funding. Do this with help from your consultant or GP

3. If you can obtain credit, please look into making an application to pay for your surgery & make a legal claim for reimbursement. Don`t wait for legal reimbursement before removing your toxic implants or wait until you start experiencing symptoms.

4. Remember if you are suffering symptoms with PIP (we suspect this is probably due to an increasing  sensitivity to silicone)  the best hope of recovery is to remove your implants. This will be done free of charge by your NHS..

* If your GP refuses to refer you, then either put in a practice complaint. for not complying with Department of Health guidance on PIP. Seek a second opinion from another GP in the practice or  register at another GP practice   Some women have found it helps downloading the NHS Choices  and taking it to their Gp .

You may be asked to undergo a mammogram. You may refuse. Mammograms are used to screen for cancer not for routine silicone implant screening 

We have been advised there are EXCEPTIONAL Aesthetic REFERRALS on the NHS for R&R which can be offered to private patients in these specific circumstances:So this could be another option for you to try..You can find details for this here  .If you are considering remove & replace Nagor are offering free implants for ruptured pip.

* If you choose to be seen at a NHS breast clinic, then be prepared for some NHS staff to be judge-mental and treat you dismissively. The attitude is one of 'you are wasting NHS time and money.' This uncaring and judge-mental attitude is unacceptable, you are still victims of medical negligence and are NHS eligible patients entitled to respect and courtesy.  Either lodge a complaint through PALs or speak to the consultant in charge of the breast clinic ( see below for more details )

All the admins & the members on PIP Action are here to support each other. Need help moving on from PIP, please holla!   

Remember ..

* If you paid at least £100 on your credit card, pursue your credit card bank for a full refund under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act  on the original PIP operation and of course, if you choose to replace privately, ensure you pay at least £100 of the bill on your credit card. Debit cards you can try claim “chargeback” but as yet no-one has been un-successfull in been able to claim.  More info here 

Be aware that some PIP ladies may be suffering an autoimmune reaction to silicone gel bleeds which may result in chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, burning sensation in breasts, etc When you go see your GP or NHS doctor, you are free to talk about your health and not get caught up in a battle over procedures and policies.If you think that the NHS is not offering the support to which you are entitled, you should contact your local patient advice and liaison service. You will find more on Auto-immune here 



Patient Advice and Liaison Service
Officers from the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) are available in all hospitals. They offer confidential advice, support and information on health-related matters to patients, their families and their carers. Find your local PALS office
Individual local authorities have a statutory duty to commission independent advocacy services to provide support for people making, or thinking of making, a complaint about their NHS care or treatment.Depending on who your local authority has contracted NHS complaints advocacy services are supplied by different service providers. You should contact your local authority if you wish to know who your advocacy provider is. Alternatively, you can check the providers listed below to see if they are covering your area. NHS complaints advocacy providers:
Your local NHS Complaints Advocacy Service  At any point in your complaint, you can get support from the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service. We will work with you to decide what you want to achieve from your complaint and support you to make one  The NHS Complaints Advocacy Service is a free and independent service that can help you make a complaint about a National Health Service (NHS).

Guide for Exceptional Aesthetic referrals to NHS