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The 5 C`s A Cosmetic Surgery Checklist  

  • Think about the CHANGE you want to see. Do your research. Find out all you can about the treatment/s you want.  Be precise as to the change you hope to see and the reasons why. 
  • CHECK OUT potential surgeons.If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, speak to your GP. Make sure that you find a surgeon that has the right qualifications and is on the appropriate specialist register with the GMC.  Find out about their experience of the procedure you are considering and make sure you meet them before you commit to having something done.
  • Have a thorough CONSULTATION. Your surgeon will discuss and clarify the treatment options with you and then plan your treatment. Make sure you know the risks involved and feel comfortable with the surgeon who will be carrying out your surgery.
  • COOL off before you commit. You need to be confident about your decision to have cosmetic surgery.  So after your initial consultation, give yourself some time to decide that you want the surgery and to make sure you feel at ease with the surgeon who will be treating you. Don’t commit to surgery if you have any doubts that either the procedure, or the surgeon is the right one for you. Often your surgeon will advise a second consultation before the final decisions are made.
  • CARE about your aftercare. Aftercare can be just as important as the surgery itself, so make sure you know who to contact and how you will be looked after, especially if there are any complications or problems following your surgery or treatment. 
Things to Consider Before Getting Breast Implants   
There are several important things to consider before deciding to undergo breast implant surgery, including understanding your own expectations and reasons for having the surgery.
Questions to Ask Before Having Breast Implant Surgery    
When choosing a surgeon for a breast implant procedure, you may want to consider their years of experience, their board certification, their patient follow-up and your own personal comfort level with the surgeon..The following questions can help guide your discussion with your surgeon regarding breast implant surgery
Breast Implant Placement 
Which is best for me? Wondering what your choices are? Here you will find the pros and cons of each placement option.Your plastic surgeon will tell you which placement he or she recommends for you.
Partial Sub-muscular  
implant is located beneath the top 2/3 of the pectoral (chest muscle)  
Pro`s &Con`s 
Over the Muscle   
In front of the muscle, and behind the breast tissue.
Complete Sub-muscular Full Under`s 
Implant is completely behind the pectoral muscle. 
Pro`s &Con`s 

Most experts believe that removing the implants ‘en bloc’ is very important.This means that the entire implant and the entire scar tissue capsule surrounding it are all removed together.Removing implants en bloc makes it easier to remove any silicone that leaked from a broken gel implant, and also helps remove silicone or other chemicals that may have bled from the silicone outer envelope. You should ask your doctor if he or she has experience doing an en bloc removal.Removing implants en-bloc is especially important if you have been sick since receiving your implants
"Some experts believe that symptoms such as joint pains, chronic flu-like symptoms, memory loss, confusion, or a burning sensation could be a result of silicone that has leaked from your implant, and perhaps outside the scar tissue capsule."
  If this is the case, leaving the scar tissue capsules, or part of them,and/or silicone in your body probably isn’t going to let you recover as well as you might. It is also possible that while the silicone did not make you sick before, silicone that is left behind in your body could make you sick later, because your body will react this foreign material.

Our Ethical Expert Advice  Robin Yuan    Plastic Surgeon – Beverley Hills
" Although I have not dealt specifically with the PIP implants,without question it is always better to do a total capsulectomy with "en bloc" removal of any ruptured, or potentially ruptured,silicone gel implant. This eliminates the potential for gel spill.This is easier when there is some hardening or capsular contracture and when the implant is in the subcutaneous position.Unfortunately, it may be very difficult, or nearly impossible,if the implant is soft and in the submuscular position when the posterior capsular wall is sitting on the ribs "
After Surgery
To get the best results,follow the after-care advice of your surgeon. You will usually need to attend a series of post-operative appointments so your surgeon can check your recovery. Following breast implant surgery, avoid: **getting your wounds wet for one week ** sleeping face down for one month **physical exercise for four weeks ** heavy lifting for three to four weeks **driving for at least one week or until you can perform an emergency stop without discomfort **

Recovering after surgery  
You will experience some pain,swelling and bruising immediately after breast implant surgery.Your chest may feel tight and your breathing may be restricted.This is normal and your symptoms will start to improve over the next few weeks.You will usually rest at the hospital or clinic in a semi-upright position.This will help keep you comfortable and minimise swelling.You will be given painkillers if you need them. After returning home, you can continue to take over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen
"" Make sure you keep a record of the details of your breast implants. You should make a note of the:   Manufacturer / style / serial number / batch number If your surgeon does not provide you with this information you should ask for it and keep it in a safe place.""

Local Anaesthetic and Sedation
Local anaesthesia stops pain during a medical procedure by blocking pain signals from being carried by nerves to the brain. A person having local anaesthesia will be awake during the procedure, although it can be combined with sedation to lessen the awareness.


Please do your homework, make sure the surgeon is a BAAPS or BAPRAS member .....

BAAPS  British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons All BAAPS Members are on the Specialist Register of Plastic Surgeons maintained by the General Medical Council and are required to return an annual safety audit of their work as a condition of membership.
BAPRAS  The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons is the voice of plastic surgery in the UK, advancing education in all aspects of the specialty and promoting understanding of contemporary practice.
General Medical Council (GMC)
Good Surgeon Guide

Ethical Surgeons and Clinics 

Why women choose to explant, and some points to consider if you are one of them -Aurora Clinics
At Aurora Clinics, we have personally seen a 97% increase in implant removal surgeries in the last 12 months.If you’re thinking about going ahead with explantation, here are our 5 most important factors to consider:Learn more 

Mr Adrian Richards   Aurora 
Mr. Adrian Richards of Aurora Clinics has recorded this overview of the latest PIP implant news, the situation to date and some advice if you have PIP breast implants. If you are considering having your implants removed, replaced or just want some advice please call Aurora on 0800 328 5743 or 

Mr.F.Fatah  The Westbourne Centre   would like to offer any patient who has ruptured and un-ruptured PIP Implants, removal or replacement of their implants at a very minimum cost in recognition of the difficulties they are in and the severe anxiety they may feel. The Westbourne Centre would like to demonstrate that many in the private sector have a high level of patient commitment and always put people before profits

BMI Healthcare    
We will continue to treat any patient who paid BMI Healthcare for their PIP implant surgery who now wishes to have their PIP implant removed and replaced at no cost. In support of the wider objective of helping all affected patients of other providers, BMI Healthcare will continue to offer the same rapid and clinically robust service to those providers or direct to their patients on a guaranteed fixed price package. If you would like further information, please contact our national helpline on 0800 533 5087. 


The 5 C`s A Cosmetic Surgery Checklist

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