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 PipactionCampaign   is a support and campaigning social networking group of ordinary women affected by fraudulent PIP breast implants. We have discovered it is difficult to find good, reliable information to help in decision-making. It’s difficult to know who to trust, the cosmetic surgery industry is enormous and growing,there are very few independent sources of information and no safety data. We have gathered information from a wide range of trusted sources, together with links to the full articles so that you can read more on the issues that interest or affect you. We hope you have find this a Useful and Helpful Guide to fraudulent PIP implants. If you would like to contribute to or have comments about this guide please find us on Facebook. PIP Action Campaign.

We have a few sites and blogs and surveys, please find time to fill in and visit our webpages 

Support Groups

Are you a PIP mum, pregnant or breast feeding with PIP?  Join the Action here:  Pipactionmums 



We are building a detailed picture of women's health Who have had PIP implants. We are delighted to hear from women who are feeling well too! Your experiences are still extremely IMPORTANT to the survey  We believe patient reported symptoms are critical to understanding of PIP implants and more importantly to our care and treatment. When you are feeling strong enough, please complete our Health Survey 

Want evidence for your GP or Consultant?
We,ve put it together for you in a Review of Clinical Studies. All these studies have been 'peer reviewed' which means checked by other scientists to ensure the methods & conclusions are scientific. This is information your doctors consider as evidence. Let them have it!!
If you are unsure that the doctor or surgeon treating you is as well-informed about the developing P.I.P. Breast Implant health crisis as you would like. Just click the link below, print a copy of The Literature Review June 2013 and pass it on!

Get Your Serial Numbers Out  We are worried that some women will still not know if they have PIP implants. So we have launched our Campaign. We want to encourage all women with silicone breast implants to check their details and follow them up if necessary. Please pass it on!

This is currently the only way to make a report for the record and to show British Authorities how much and how many of us have been affected by fraudulent PIP implants. So, get your PIP serial numbers out and report away!!! Oh, and give us a heads-up here when you are done;) Thanks everyone together we can make a difference!

Now we are testing explanted implants. You could send one or both, there is no cost and Dr Beretta said he is happy to send details of the analysis to individual patients - although i think returning the implant/s is more complicated PIP IMPLANT ANALYSIS - take part if you can 

PIP Action Campaign has initiated a group complaint against the Department of Health and MHRA for their treatment and handling of the PIP health crisis. Anyone in UK affected by PIP implants can join in. To access the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) complaints must first to be referred by constituent MPs. PIP Action Campaign members have already completed this step on behalf of all group members, so all you have to do to join the group complaint, is complete, sign and return the template form to the PHSO.

Do you have a Legal Representative ?
You will all probably be aware that PIP Action Campaign members signed up to take on TUV, the European Notified Body, who certified PIP as safe! We have two significant court wins to date! The case is being appealed by TUV so we still have hurdles to cross. However, in the first round (to us) we have each been awarded preliminary damages by the courts.
Only a very small handful of women took a risk. There was a huge amount of negativity surrounding our efforts, sadly from other women, who encouraged many not to join. We have been working with French & Colombian lawyers, which at the beginning may have seemed strange. We took a risk on them, believing in the legitimacy of our claim and their hard work & determination has brought almost 2,000 women internationally to the case.
Now our campaign to bring all women affected by toxic PIP implants is intensifying!
If, you have no prospect of a legal claim, compensation & damages please consider joining the case.
Our interest is not to promote legal firms, but to help women to get their PIP implants removed & to receive compensation & damages for the pain & injuries they have suffered. We are victims & we want justice ... not just for ourselves but for all!
We cannot answer all your legal questions or concerns because like many of you we are also sick & tired most of the time;) And we have no legal training. What we are doing, is opening the door for YOUR claim.
Here is the link to Lozano Blanco,s registration page in English & Spanish .Pipimplantclaim
And a link to their FB page in English  Pipimplantclaim



PipactionCampaign`s Achievements 

HMG No More Gold Standard 
Today the Advertising Standards Authority have upheld our complaint over MISLEADING advertising by the Harley Medical Group. Read more at PIPSLEAK.
" Claims of 'setting the gold standard' ARE MISLEADING. "

PIP Victims Win first Victory while Wearing Something YELLOW

Wear Something Yellow

PIP Victims Vs TÜV Rheinland
On the 14th November 2013 the first decision in the French PIP trials was made in favour of the victims.PIP Victims Vs TÜV Rheinland
We believe all women affected by PIP should be compensated. Following the legal decision taken in France on the 14th November, women all over the world will be given a new opportunity to join the case.
More details as we receive them here

NHS Choices Website
Have you looked at the information about PIP on the NHS Choices website? We demanded the pages be updated, show more compassion & provide accurate information. The NHS Choices editor agreed with us:) YAY!! Looks like we can expect to see some changes in the near future! PMA ♡

Thanks for your support, it means a lot to us ♥
We continue to fight for women affected by PIP implants to be monitored so that valuable evidence is not lost and vital scientific research takes place. We want answers. We want accountability and we want justice!
We need to raise funds to keep this work going and keep fighting until every PIP victim is safe and compensated. 
Your contribution is invaluable.Donating £3 Couldn’t be simpler!  Follow this link 

Want to know how PiP Action Campaign will use the money?
So far we have used campaign funds raised to: maintain our websites and blogs to provide   help, support & information to women affected by fraudulent PIP implants.