18 October 2016

Pip Action Campaign Get Registered .

Got Implants? Get REGISTERED

This is especially important for
(i) all women who have or who had PIP implants
(ii) all women who have REPLACED their PIP implants
(iii) all women with breast implants regardless of brand
(iv) if you had your surgery in England or live in England
You can Register your surgery and your implants here:
Not in England but in the UK?
If you are in Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales (or any part of the UK other than England) please write to your MP and ask why the Department of Health is NOT making the registry available to you. If a template letter would be helpful, please make a note in the comments and we,ll bang one out for you :)

Pip Action Campaign Get Registered .

06 February 2016

Danger signs When You Should Walk Away - Mark Henley cosmetic surgeon

Any consultation should be exactly that – a consultation. Be very wary of any individual who is trying to ‘sell’ you an operation. This would not be the sort of behaviour to expect from a reputable surgeon.

The Healthcare Commission states that;

"The hospital or clinic should offer you an initial consultation with the doctor who will carry out the procedure"

Successful cosmetic surgery begins with a thorough assessment of your health, in addition to your motivation and goals of surgery. Beware if a doctor is willing to perform surgery without checking out your general health first.

Be wary of any establishment that appears in a rush to book you in for surgery, particularly if you are offered special pricing to commit to surgery straight away. Also, make sure you read the small print before signing anything.

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