Pipaction Campaign`s UPDATES

Today the Advertising Standards Authority have upheld our complaint over MISLEADING advertising by the Harley Medical Group. Read more at PIPSLEAK.
" Claims of 'setting the gold standard' ARE MISLEADING. "



SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST for all the data held on the register and any related data.

For those women that have no proof of pip  or anyone that has had implants before 2006 .when the register closed .We have established that MHRA are the Data Controllers for the old Breast Register , which means they have responsibilities to look after the personal data collected, and we have a right to access it ! . To get copies of your personal data send a SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST for all the data held on the register and any related data.(serials etc )
Here is the link which also includes template , then send your requests to stephen.wilson@mhra.gsi.gov.uk  To re


PIP Action Campaign vs HMG 

ROUND ONE: PIP Action Campaign celebrates a victory!

We have been informed by the Advertising Standards Authority that they have received assurances from HMG that they will stop misleading people by claiming a 30yr trading history and that we should expect HMG,s 30years claim or established in 1983 to have disappeared from their marketing and advertising from today!If you see any HMG advertising making the 30yr (or established in 1983) claims after MONDAY 16 June 2014, please take a screen shot, so that we can initiate further complaints against them.
BIG UP & Hi5 PIP Action Campaign!  For Truth & Justice ♡


We think`s  HMG have treated their former patients appallingly .This is what HMG says:   "said they were confident that they had provided the best quality of care to patients throughout their trading history and always had skilled surgeons, expertise and patient care. They said they had carried out patient satisfaction surveys from 2007 to 2010 and had also carried out a recent 2013 survey for Surgical Satisfaction (for patients who had undergone surgery).

" They said that on a scale of 1 (very poor) to 5 (very good), their average score was between 4 (good) and 5 (very good). Of the 2013 survey for quality of care for surgical patients, they scored 4.5 for quality of care at the hospital and 4.4 to 4.5 for aftercare. They provided summaries of scores from the Patient Satisfaction surveys dated between 2007 and 2010 and from the 2013 Surgical Satisfaction Survey."
1. Please write your complaint and send to HMG ( make sure its to your original clinic )

2. Make a complaint to the CQC using this online form - get it on the record!

3. In your complaint make reference to the fact HMG has abandoned you without a Duty of Care.

4. Chose the cheapest, nastiest PIP implants for their surgeries, but charged you for Medical grade implants

5. Were not adequately insured for the services they offer

6. Are getting away with a SHOCKING advertising campaign making untrue claims!

If what HMG has to say makes you mad, please complain!


Here is a formal complaint template letter  you can download and fill in (Easy , takes 2 mins) 
 You could then send a copy to the Care Quality Commission ( CQC )

Here is  clear advice from Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) who are  the UK charity for patient safety and justice. We provide free and confidential clinical negligence support
.Here is the link for  Complaining about Private Healthcare which gives you good clear advice on complaining ....
So  come all you  HMG ladies , Let`s get complaining  xx


HMG Ladies " How to get your medical records"

For those of you that have had trouble getting their Medical notes from Harley Medical Center, We have  found that writing to HMG Insolvency practitioner gets results here is the email  Marc.Evans@leonardcurtis.co.uk 


  Making YOUR CQC complaint for the record!

Every clinic needs a CQC Registration to operate. If your clinic has mistreated you, please make a complaint to the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) about the CQC. Crap clinics should not be given CQC registrations! And those who have abandoned us and continue to trade should not be allowed to get away with it!
Every complaint to the PHSO must be accompanied by a referral from your MP. The form for making your complaint & getting an MP referral is in the files tab at the top of the group. It,s called Making a Complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman
This is a long and tiring process... but it is very important and time limited! PIP Action has already initiated PHSO complaints against the Department of Health AND the MHRA, two other government departments that have ignored us. These complaints have been rejected.
The last government report said: should anything like the PIP scandal ever happen again, the PHSO should step in to help & compensate victims. Like everything else the gov says - about lessons learned from PIP - we are not likely to see any changes, improvements, punishments for the guilty or justice for the victims, not so much as a breast register to monitor us!
Well, that,s JUST NOT good enough!
If you have a complaint against your clinic - time to make a noise! The more of us that complain the better. When we have obtained several MP referrals we become a group compliant & then we can push forward together as a group!
This is important! If we dont complain - this government will have got away with doing absolutely nothing to help and the clinics continue to rake in money, harming patients or failing in providing a Duty of Care!
1. There is a form to complete: please check for it in the Files tab at the top of the group page. Its called Making a Complaint to the Parliamentary Ombudsman
2. Attached is a template letter to send with your completed form (1) to your MP
Let em have it ladies ♡


We want political support for our campaign to get a proper health and safety regulator in the UK! The MHRA are just not up to the job! We also intend to hold them to account for their part in the PIP Health Fraud! Please add your MP to our Lobby List. We shall be contacting all the MPs and asking for their support for our efforts! Thanks All. xo
I notice some of you have had no luck with your MP with your implants - BUT THIS IS NOT JUST ABOUT PIP IMPLANTS ... here,s a list of patients affected by recent MHRA failures:
Toxic Metal-on-metal Hip joints
Surgical Mesh injuries
Dangerous Breast Implants
Mirena Coil

Not to mention the pharmaceuticals!!!!! That,s a long list of failures!!!
We ALL need an independent health & safety regulator! ♡