Silicone Breast Implants Risks & Complications

Do You know the cosmetic Surgery Risks & Complications ? 

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We want to draw your attention to the known risks, complications and costs associated with Breast Augmentation surgery. Some women will be contemplating Remove & Replace Surgery after PIP implants, others will be embarking on a journey with silicone implants for the first time. 
      There are things you should know.Things most women found out when the PIP scandal was exposed. Because of the lack of regulation in the cosmetic surgery industry, we want all women to be safe so we have collected information from reliable sources to help you make the right decision that’s best for you.. There are many possible complications associated with properly regulated medical implants. The risks of complications with PIP implants are much greater because of the fraudulent sub-standard materials and manufacturing process.

We know some of you will have been struggling with symptoms.We know talking about your experiences with PIP implants will be painful. We believe patient reported symptoms are critical to understanding of PIP implants and more importantly to our care and treatment. We want answers! Relying on the health authorities,the government or the European Commission to provide answers is pointless! We`ve done that for TWO years and NOTHING has changed! 

PIP Victims are DOING IT FOR THEMSELVES!   Yes we are:)

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Silicone Breast implant complications  

Breast Implants Linked to Rare Cancer 
Recent scientific reports have suggested a possible association between anaplatic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) and breast implants ALCL is a rare type of lymphoma or cancer involving cells of the immune system. ALCL is not breast cancer..

Breast Implant Complications Booklet
This booklet highlights the most common problems associated with silicone gel-filled and saline-filled breast implants: those that occur in the breast or chest area, known as “local complications.” The most common local complications and adverse outcomes are Capsular Contracture(hardening of breast area around the implant),additional surgeriesImplant removal and rupture or deflation  of the implant. Other local complications include implant wrinkling, asymmetry, scarring, pain, and infection at the incision site. These local complications often result in re-operation or implant removal (Pdf download )

** NO Implants last a lifetime. In January 2011 the FDA in a press release reported that there is a high probability of needing additional surgery at least 10 years.70% of women who had surgery due to disease or trauma and 40% of the women who performed for cosmetic reasons, they needed at least one surgery in 10 years. So if your surgeon is promising you, your never going to have problems with your implants, he isn`t been totally honest with you .Implants, whatever the brand can break at any time .The likelihood of additional surgery is at least ONCE.There is NO warranty implant durability. The more positive things they promise you, the more caution should be taken The longer you have the implant in the body, the greater the chance of complications. Women with implants should monitor their breasts for the rest of their life.

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