07 January 2015

Botched breast enhancement performed by non-certified plastic surgeons leads to loss of both breasts | Fox News

More advice to do your research...
Many women with PIP did their research... how were we supposed to detect a criminal fraud, cowboy clinics and greedy surgeons?

For women planning to have their PIP replaced. 

1. Please make sure you check the UK registers for a properly qualified surgeon. 
2. You should speak to the surgeon performing your surgery at a consultation.
3. Research the common complications associated with breast implants
4. Check the after-care arrangements
5. Check corrective surgery costs
6. Get full details (or a brochure) for the implants you choose. This brochure will form part of the contract you make with the clinic)
7. Check the clinic has a valid CQC Registration
8. Check the clinic is insured
9. Consider paying with a credit card (for consumer protection rights)

Ask yourself if you can afford the ongoing costs and maintenance of breast implants. No implants last a lifetime. Implants can rupture at any time.
Many women with implants experience difficulties breast feeding. Please give this special consideration if you are planning to become pregnant with implants.
“Your body is the most important thing that you have, doing research and finding out as much info as you can… is extremely important,” Lourentzatos said. “The trauma, depression and sadness going through with this whole experience, I wouldn’t even want my own worst enemy to going through it.”
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