01 February 2015

Wear Something Yellow & take a #PIPCrimes Selfie

Wear Something YELLOW & Post your PIPCrime Specs selfie on the social network 16-18 March 2015 in solidarity and support of over 500,000 women and their families worldwide affected by fraudulent PIP breast implants.
yellow-sunniesVOn the 16-18 March 2010, the French health regulator conducted the first scrupulous audit at the PIP factory.  The order to close the plant came as a result. Five years later, women with non-compliant PIP implant are still struggling to access healthcare & have this toxic mess removed from their bodies.  The fight for justice for women continues!

Peer-reviewed case reports and studies show that toxic chemicals in the shells and fillers of PIP Implants seep out into surrounding body tissue, migrate into body organs, can cross the placenta and can be found in breast milk. These toxic chemicals make women very sick and many report debilitating symptoms. Women everywhere with TOXIC PIP implants are suffering, they are being poisoned, they are frightened, they are extremely anxious and in pain.Read more