19 October 2013

LA REVISTA DE CIRUGIA ESTETICA: La contractura capsular o encapsulamiento del impl...

Capsular contracture and breast implant encapsulation

Capsular Contracture Breast Implant or encapsulation is one of the most successful items of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal . Today I present a review and update. 

Capsular contracture is the most feared complication for the woman who wants to increase their breast size. It consists endureciemiento the capsule or membrane forms around the breast implant. 

The first thing you care for patients is to know that the process of capsule formation always occurs naturally.The body produces around implants, capsule or fibrous membrane. This capsule is like a "second skin" consists mainly of collagen fibers. It is the immune defense against a body to which the organism finds it strange and which can not be destroyed, and is thus isolating a membrane surrounding tissue. Normally this does not cause discomfort fibrous capsule, or alter the aesthetic result of the intervention breast augmentation.However, sometimes the capsule is set in excess putting strain on the surrounding tissues and hardening the breast, can be deformed by traction and tension produced. In extreme cases it can be pain. When the capsule is formed around the prosthesis excess is when speaking of capsular contracture, or popularly "encapsulation" or "capsulitis