19 October 2013

Join our HealthFriends community. Make friends & share health experiences

What is HealthFriends?
HealthFriends gives you the ability to meet and stay in touch with others who have similar health-related interests. From patients and families to health professionals and anyone interested in health-related issues, HealthFriends enables you to meet others and exchange ideas and experiences.
HealthFriends was set up and is managed by health professionals to:
  • empower people;
  • help people make better decisions on their healthcare;
  • give people the knowledge and ability to manage and come to terms with their health problems;
If you are about to start a course of medication or have an operation that your doctor has recommended to you, HealthFriends will help you find and talk to people who have personal experience of that treatment and to read their comments about it.
HealthFriends also helps people make informed choices about their lifestyle, their condition and their options for treatment and care. Today's NHS is increasingly offering more patient choice - HealthFriends helps make those choices clearer.
HealthFriends can help more than just those people undergoing medical treatment:
  • Families & Friends - use HealthFriends to better understand what your relatives & friends are experiencing, help them make more informed decisions about their treatment and find local support groups.
  • Campaigners - is your local hospital or a ward under threat of closure? Start a campaign on HealthFriends and engage your local community.