13 July 2014

Words from Men About Boobs : FlatSo – The World Is Flat

Thousands of Words from Men about Boobs Mainly about small breasts. Real Opinions below, so far close to 200. These all have real meanings, not just “small breasts are cool” etc. etc.

If these guys can’t convince you that small breasts can be beautiful than you need to admit the issue is with you. And that is OK. But don’t blame guys that they are not interested because you have small breasts. It is all about your attitude… 

Change what you can and put a smile on your face :)
So here is goes:
I offered to write something to give a man’s opinion and a husband’s opinion about breasts.

Obviously, it is easy to see that men take notice of big breasts. Heads turn at the shopping mall, swimming pool, beach, etc… when a pair of those big mammary glands walks by.

But, I think it is important for women to realize that there are many, many important factors to being “noticeable”, to being “sexy”, to being “attractive”, to being “desirable” and most importantly to being a good soul mate / partner / wife.

NUMBER 1 – None of my friends made a decision to get married because their future wife had big breasts. No man will marry or partner because of breast size. It is absolutely not important when dating and partnering.
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