25 February 2014

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Silicone Implant Disease |

Signs and symptoms

Silicone implant disease is considered an autoimmune condition, because the ruptured silicone that leaks into the body causes the actual immune system to attack itself. The resulting symptoms can vary widely, ranging from inflammation of the breasts and nipples, to blood circulation problems, joint disease, chronic discomfort, muscle stiffness, hair loss, chronic fatigue, skin peeling, swelling and congestion of the lymphatic system, liver difficulties, and significant, unhealthy weight loss. Some women may also develop a granuloma, a type of tumor that can occur in both breasts as well as in lymphatic tissue.


Silicone breast implants are the cause of this ailment, which takes place when the implants rupture inside the breast, spilling their contents into the body. Health experts estimate that 95% of all silicone implants may rupture or leak at some point.